Welcome to Lindgården

The Inn Lindgården with its restaurant and hotel will definitely make your experience of Gotland and Visby unforgettable.
Wake up refreshed, eat well and enjoy Visby attractions within walking distance.


Experience a recognized local kitchen with a premium wine list. It guarantees a great experience for the taste buds!

Lindgården carefully chooses all raw ingredients from the farmers season.
In the beautiful decorated diningroom rests the 60íes atmosphere. Dine and enjoy a perfect prepaired meal. Relax outside during the summer in our beautiful
garden surrounded by mulberry and walnut trees and get a nice Mediterranean feeling.

Restaurant & Bar

Wednesday-Saturday From 17.00

With reservation for changes.

Table Reservation

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Eight double room – sixteen beds in cozy Visby, Lindgården is located within the walls of our beautiful park.
Completely renovated in spring 2016. Each room has its own entrance, desk and TV.
Shower and toilet in all rooms. Lindgårdens Hotel is open all year round.


Low season (1/9 – 14/6 )

Double room 1595 SEK

High season ( 15/6 – 31/8 )

Double room 2195 SEK

A culinary journey

We are proud members of the gastronomic association Culinary Gotland where we work together with our talented colleagues on the island.

Gotland is an eccentric place, offering an infinite number of reasons to visit again and again. Experiences and impressions are never ending.
The goal of Culinary Gotland is to contribute to get a total experience of food, beverage and environment while showcasing the diversity
we have in gastronomy on the island. Our common denominator is cooking expertise, quality, care and love of Gotland.

We are happy to share this love and would love to have you as a fellow traveler on this culinary journey around our popular
and appreciated the island. At the same time we want to give you the opportunity to the greatest possible extent
enjoy longtime commodities and specialties. Enjoy your meal!

Experience Lindgården

A picture is worth a thousand words

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