A La Carte

Pre dinner cocktails

Rinquin-quin Lady

Lindgårdens Old Fashioned

Dry Martini

André Clouet Champagne

Marie Framboise

Lindgårdens Kir Royale


Deep fried herring

Served with sour cream, red onion, chives, potatoes, brown butter and roasted hazelnuts.


Ramson soup

Served with butter fried scallop and king crab.


Toast Skagen

Classic toast skagen topped with bleak roe.


Asian raw beef

On Gotland beef fillet, served with coriander mayonnaise, mustard sauce, seaweed salad & deep-fried quail eggs from Ljugarn.


Crème Brûlée on Västerbottens cheese

Serveras med löjrom, smetana, rödlök och mandelpotatischips.


Grilled piccolo zucchini

Served with a cream on butter bean, sourdough crisp, pickled red onion and pickled mustard seeds.


The Taverns Menu

Ramson soup

Served with butter fried scallop and king crab.

Butter baked char

Served with dill & Västerbotten mash, anchovy white wine sauce,
baked beetroot from Stora Tollby farm & whitefish roe.

Deep-fried Camembert

Served with cloudberry custard, vanilla ice cream & fried parsley.

”This menu is served to the whole party.”


Main courses

Cured loin of Cod

Served with butter fried cod roe, Chablis sauce, classic julienne and boiled potatoes from Stora Tollby farm.


Butter fried Plaice

Whole fish. Served with browned horseradish butter, capers, pickled beets from Gotland, grilled lemon and
boiled potatoes from Stora Tollby farm.


Whole spring chicken filled with morells

Whole spring chicken filled with morells from Älvdalen.
Served with seasonal greens and cream sauce with sherry vinegar and cloudberry jelly.



”A Swedish classic that´s been on the menu for more than 50 years.”
Local beef tenderloin with duchesse potato, mushrooms,
French beans with bacon, grilled tomato and sauce Bearnaise.
Served on an oak platter.



A classic Swedish dish. Minced veal steak made with cream and egg.
Traditionally served with green peas, lingonberries,
browned butter and mashed potatoes.


Herb and lemon marinated lamb tenderloin

Served with a homemade lamb sausage, potato and fresh cheese flavored with sage, the season’s
green tossed in Gotland cold-pressed rapeseed oil and lamb jus.


Deep fried carrot and ginger croquettes

Served with a warm Asian salad on spring primeurs. Soy fried Gotland oyster mushrooms,
puffed Gotlandc lentils, coriander mayonnaise and fried salsify.



From the Archive

Lindgårdens Vitello Tonnato

Grilled Swedish veal entrecôte is served with spring primeurs, grilled artichoke and a light sauce flavored with capers and tuna.

From the beginning a northern Italian classic where calf steak meets one mayonnaise flavored with capers and tuna.
Here we make a wonderful warm variant with grilled veal entrecôte and a light velouté sauce with the classic flavors.

295 SEK

Of course we accept your wishes regarding other foods for people with allergies.
All prices are per person and are presented including VAT.

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